While Toxic Goddess does not contain pornographic material, it does have pictures of an adult nature, including nude models, fetish or erotic images and subject matter that some may find offensive. If this sort of thing bothers you or you're too young to be here then find another place to visit. If not, then click above to enter.

Toxic Goddess is part modeling troupe, part art movement and part cultural phenomenon. Founders Robert “Craze” Henry and Dirk Hooper conceived of Toxic Goddess as a way to present their work to the public in the best way possible and are now joined by makeup artist Jennifer Marks. The guiding principle of Toxic Goddess is to do alternative modeling in a way that not only represents and showcases women in a positive and empowering manner, but to back that up by making the actual models part of the creative process and cut them in for a share of the profits. Toxic Goddess wants to reach out to, unify and promote, various underground communities including music, fashion, art and alternative social groups, particularly if they are run by or positive toward women.

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Oklahoma City Photography by Sight Key Studios