Toxic Goddesses Dame Lebeau, Eclipse and Selkie in “Modern Living” by photographer Dirk Hooper

February 17th, 2010 | By Dirk Hooper

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Photographer – Dirk Hooper
Model – Featuring Toxic Goddess Dame Lebeau, with Toxic Goddesses Selkie and Eclipse
Makeup – Model
Shot – April 2009

This was a shoot that was basically set-up to get one photo for an art show, and we continued to shoot so that we’d have more to offer the fans here on Toxic Goddess.

I had this idea to create a human table some time ago and, as usual, the logistics of making this shoot happen kept me from actually doing it for a long time. It’s not easy to get this many Goddesses in one place! The “Dominatrix” and the individuals who created the table, changed many times before we made this happen.

Special thanks go to Eclipse and Selkie, not only for enduring what was a physically uncomfortable position, but doing so and actually performing in a somewhat glamour-free shoot (after all Dame Lebeau is the one who gets to shine here). They put up with a lot of discomfort for this shoot, so when you talk to them tell them how cool they are!

Dame Lebeau had this awesome military hat and a fantastic wig that we used to transform her into the uber-domme for this shoot. She also played the regal dominatrix exceptionally well. Her contribution helped me pull off this idea even better than I envisioned.

Thanks also to Robert for helping me set up the table and lighting. This was a team effort all around.

You wouldn’t believe how spectacular that flower looked after sitting in our studio window for several months!

- Dirk Hooper

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Toxic Goddesses Dame Lebeau, Eclipse and Selkie in "Modern Living" by photographer Dirk Hooper, 8.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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