Toxic Goddess Vanity in “Alchemy” by photographer Dirk Hooper

February 22nd, 2010 | By Dirk Hooper

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Photographer – Dirk Hooper
Model – Toxic Goddess Vanity
Makeup – Model
Shot – December 2007

This shoot is pure pin-up and Vanity brought her bedroom eyes for this set. There are a lot of shots that look like Olivia painted them, but she doesn’t typically bring the darkness like I do.

Vanity really took to this environment and picked the perfect outfit. That attitude of hers was on full display and it makes for a fantastic set.

For a shoot in such a small confined environment I snapped a lot of photos on this one… so much so that I actually have another smaller set from this that I’ll run sooner or later. Vanity stood up for about a third of the shoot and the whole look and style changed. I’ve worked the photos so they could show up any time.

A photo from this set was part of my Fetish Project exhibition in Belgium, and it has the distinction of being chosen for the posters and postcards for the show. I can’t tell you how I felt running around Brussels, into all the little fetish boutiques and music shops, and seeing our work on display in a foreign European city.

That alone makes this set very special to me.

- Dirk Hooper

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Toxic Goddess Vanity in "Alchemy" by photographer Dirk Hooper, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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