Toxic Goddess Dark Mistress in “Island Girl” by photographer Dirk Hooper

February 7th, 2010 | By Dirk Hooper

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Photographer – Dirk Hooper
Model – Toxic Goddess Dark Mistress
Makeup – Model
Shot – September 2007

This shoot began when I was scouting locations for a completely different set. I found a very scenic, but somewhat secluded area by a local lake that I thought would make a great backdrop for an “island girl”. My idea took flight when Dark Mistress, in typical fashion, went to the next level by creating, by hand, a complete outfit and the props for these photos!

We got up very early one morning and took a dark drive to this area and started taking photos. I was immediately impressed with the quality of morning light and how Dark Mistress really captured the spirit of someone who was free and in tune with the natural world.

We took a lot of photos and trekked up and down the beach until a stream of overly interested morning fishermen started getting too close for comfort. When a family came to set up shop nearby we knew we were through, but we really got a great set of photos in the process!

I like indoor shoots a lot because I can control everything from the light to the air conditioning, but it’s hard to beat such a great backdrop, such beautiful light from the morning sun and the expansive world we had to play in.

Dark Mistress really shines in this set.

- Dirk Hooper

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Toxic Goddess Dark Mistress in "Island Girl" by photographer Dirk Hooper, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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